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Published: 10.2020


Joe Biden: An American Story

Joe Biden overcame all his rivals in the Democratic primaries. Casual and goofy, he won the 3rd March 2020 Super Tuesday. After a campaign hampered by the Covid-19 crisis, he will confront Donald Trump, who calls him “Sleepy Joe”, at the 3rd November presidential election.
Jean-Bernard Cadier recounts Joe Biden’s life and times, from his childhood in rural America, in Pennsylvania, to his eight-year term as Barack Obama’s vice-president. He went through personal dramas (his wife and daughter’s death in a car crash, his son’s death due to cancer), disgraces (his vote in 2002 supporting Iraq War, his options on race issues) and scandals (his son Hunter’s business in Ukraine).
Now 77, Joe Biden now is possibly America’s next president, convinced his age is an advantage to pacify an America traumatized by Trump’s presidency. He now has to prove what he can do…

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