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Published: 01.1970


The Golden Month. The 30 Amazing Days Following Birth

How can a mother fully enjoy the 30 days following childbirth, one of the most important experiences in a woman’s life?

Discovering a new life, lack of sleep, tiredness, body hurts, baby blues… Physically just as mentally, this month is a difficult changeover for the mother as well as for the baby. However, in many cultures, this period of time is well known and is subject to specific treatments and adapted diets.

This guide unveils the reality of that crucial moment in the life of a mother and a couple. It explains how to get prepared with specific practices, and is useful in preventing many new-mother troubles: protecting from baby blues and post-birth difficulties, lowering risks of depression and burn out, overcoming negative emotions, avoiding physical problems, maintaining the couple far from the conflicts…

This guide, illustrated with drawings, includes exercises from yoga, meditation, shiatsu and various techniques.

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