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Published: 01.1970


The Valley Of Pink Lotus

1918. Jezebel, a 16-year-old English aristocrat, is joining her legal guardian, a famous archaeologist. On the ship bringing her to Calcutta, she falls in love with Jan, an American adventurer.
When she lands, she learns she will marry baron von Rosenheim. Her legal guardian wants to secure her future by selling her to a cruel and unemotional man, in exchange for funding his archaeological studies.
Jezebel reaches to find consolation with Charu, Maharaja’s son, who makes her discover mysterious India with its magnificent landscapes, fragrances, colours...
Soon Jezebel faces a dilemma: to accept a marriage of convenience, or listen to her heart. Because she did not forget Jan. And Charu is very charming...
A romanesque novel in the spirit of Tamara McKinley and Sarah Lark.

Also available:
The City of Pink Lotus (Vol. 2)
The Heir of Pink Lotus (Vol. 3)

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