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Published: 11.2016


Bob Dylan. Poet of His Life

During his whole life, Bob Dylan played many roles: Woody Guthrie’s spiritual son, engaged folk singer, high rock star, protective father, Jesus’ nut, crooner… But, one role was still his own: the free man, supporter of humour and subversion.

All these figures made the legend he used to scramble tracks. But behind the myth there is one the main artist of these fifty past years, prospective for the Nobel Literature Prize, author of more than five hundred songs, and still playing around the world for twenty-five years.

Singer and musician, but also painter, moviemaker and writer, Dylan is above all a poet. Based on his works and the interviews he made from 1962 to 2015, Jean-Dominique Brierre raised the artist over the clichés. Cut like a film, songs, poems and speeches shape Dylan’s inner portrait.

A chronological and thematic journey, which interrogates also his relations with women, cinema, religion and scene.

Rights sold in China (China South Book)

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