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Published: 01.2016


I've Something to Tell You

New York, 1970. Greta is 20 years old, and is the daughter of an Austrian emigrant, Columbia’s Professor, and of an Irish bohemian gallery owner. She’s about to join University. And there she meets John, issued from a wealthy family, and promised to a brilliant future.
Even if they’re very different, they get engaged. But, some days before their wedding, they lived a car accident. When she wakes up, Greta learns she will never be able to give birth. And John… preferred to disappear.
For Greta, everything has to start again. She will experience the Parisian way of life’s effervescence, the violence of passion on Bosporus’ banks and the fake quiet of Léman Lake’s landscapes.
I’ve something to tell you… Trapped by a secret, will Greta be enough brave to get free? Staging four decades and three continents, this love epic depicts a woman’s portrait who refuses any planned out destiny.

Her previous novel, Pipiri's Song, acclaimed by critics:
"Anne de Bourbon-Siciles gets a real storyteller gift, and depicts an epic where passions, betrayals and family secrets merged." Point de vue
"For this first novel, this chic princess puts up a flautless performance." Valeurs Actuelles
"Nothing's missing in this colorful saga." Femmes Actuelles
"A pretty summer saga" Paris Match

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