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Published: 01.1970


On Islam and Muslims

The Islam issue obsesses Occident. Religion, secularism, civic rights, immigration, integration, multiculturalism, extremism: on these matters, everything contributes to deteriorate its image. And what about these young people who insanely go to war, to jihad they think, to join these violent groups which betray the most elementary teachings of Islam?In that considerable confusion, we must return to primary principles and notions, in order to find practical solutions. Which conception of Man do we find at the heart of the Islamic message? How to understand it and to personify it in the occidental context? What about essential liberation of women? How can we fight against Islamophobia?These questions are there asked, with rigour and simplicity, to women and men, Muslims or not, who want to understand, to discuss and to live together in justice and peace.A serene introduction to Islam humanism.

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