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Published: 01.1970


Nuclear War Was So Close!

Since 1945, the world has been 7 times on the brink of nuclear war
• 2017, 9th August: Pyongyang Doctor Folamour
• 1951, 11th April: nuclear alert in Korea war
• 1956, 4th November: when Suez crisis turns the world upside down
• 1962, 27th October: the climax of Cold War, or the unbelievable ending of Cuban Missile Crisis
• 1969, 15th August: nuclear pressure relationships between USSR and China
• 1983, 25th September: a nuclear strike narrowly missed
During this first quarter of 20th century, North- Korean leader Kim Jong-Un reminded us memories we thought disappeared since the 1991 fall of USSR and the end of Cold War. He reawakened one of the worst fear: an atomic large-scale conflict.
This essay depicts the most dangerous times of those past 70 years, in particular the conflict between USA and USSR – a worldwide game of poker. For almost a half of century, the White House and Kremlin play with nuclear fire. As an example, in 1951, General-in-Chief of ONU armies, Douglas MacArthur, thought about blowing apart Mao’s China, that military supported North Koreans. Only Truman’s self-control enabled to avoided the worst...

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