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Published: 01.1970


ISIS: The Hand of The Devil

Ankara, 10th October 2015. Sinaï, 30th October. Beyruth, 12th November. Paris, 13th November. San Bernardino, 2nd December. London, 6th December. Bruxelles, 22nd March 2016. Orlando, 12th June. Nice, 14th July… The list of recent attacks by ISIS members is long, and it alas isn’t about to stop. All claimed by ISIS. We’re at war. A war between ISIS and the rest of the world, Occident as well as Turkey, Russia or Lebanon. Depicting Paris Bataclan’s attacks (from their preparation to their fulfillment), Claude Moniquet wonders about ISIS: where does it come from? What does it want? What differences to Al-Qaeda? Which are their strategies and tactics? Which are their weapons?

Analyzing attacks which stroke Europe, Claude Moniquet reflects on further action that needs to be taken.

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