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Published: 01.1970


The Romanov's Last Days

July 1918: the demise of the Imperial family

June 1918. “The angel is coming”, Alexandra, the last Russia Empress, writes in her diary. This “angel”, sent by Lenin, is an exterminator which killed one month later the czarina, her husband Nicolas II, their four daughters and the only heir of the throne, tsarevich Alexis. Fifteen months after the tsar’s abdication, on March 1917, the Romanov dynasty has come to an end.

One week after the slaughter, the White Army found in Yekaterinburg chaos and despair. In the presumed place of the burial, a mine in a forest, no corpse was discovered. Dismembered, scattered, burnt, last Romanov’s rests remained lost until USSR fall, in 1991.

Who ordered the Romanov’s murder and how were they killed? Luc Mary tackles the enigma and details the discovery and identification of many corpses in 1991 and 2007.

“A original and detailed inquiry into History’s shadows.”
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