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Published: 01.1970


Saudi Arabi: From Influence to Decadence

Saudi Arabia bears the name of the Saud family, prevailing since 1744 on this theocracy. It has carved out a fiefdom in the blood, in the early 20th century, but consolidated thanks to the support of the West and of black gold as it possesses a quarter of the world’s reserves.

The Saud family gets its power from an old Pact between a preacher, Mohammed ben Abdelwahhab, and an emir, Mohammed Ibn Saoud, co-founder of first Saudi state: alliance of the sword and the turban that ensured its hegemony on the peninsula and the Holy places, and allowed the more conservative and sectarian Islam to dominate the Muslim thought. In this absolute monarchy, the Koran is the only source of law and feeds an ideology that despises the woman, culture and modernity alike. The country suffers since 2013 of a drop in the oil price that could bring the whole kingdom to collapse. Its historical allies are worried of Saudian ties to Islamist terrorism.


Faced with the disaffection of the United States and Iran, with struggles for influence within the Royal family, the kingdom seems on the brink of implosion.

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