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Published: 11.2017


"Why Am I Not A Butterfly?"

My daughter's fight against cancer

Jerry lives with his wife Ketty and their tree children, Jeremy, Anne-Laure and Alizée on the French island La Réunion in the Indian Ocean. In 2008, Anne-Laure, 10, experiences nauseas and headaches. Worried, her parents take her to the doctor. But at the time of the eye exam, the doctor immediately sends Anne-Laure to pediatric emergency.
Jerry and Katie would never have considered the worst. When diagnosed, it’s a shock: Anne-Laure has a brain tumor.
Travelling back and forth to Paris, at the Institut Curie, Jerry remains at the bedside of Anne-Laure. Life goes on: even exhausted, Anne-Laure returns to school, like all children. Her life is torn between hope, disappointments, and pain...
In 2011, when the tumor comes back, Anne-Laure and his family hopes wither, as the inevitable outcome gets nearer…

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