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Published: 04.2017


Jackie. Four Days That Changed Her Life

Dallas, Friday 22th November 1963, 12.30am. Jacqueline Kennedy’s world falls apart. Next to her, in the presidential car, JFK has just been shot. About 2, a suspect, Lee Harvey Oswald, 24 years old, is arrested in a movie theatre. At 2.38pm, Lyndon B. Johnson, the vice-president, takes on oath aboard of Air Force One plane.

Jackie could be devastated. In spite of that, she holds on. Until his funerals, she has four days to all orchestrate and to give a lesson of dignity to the world.

Based on interviews given by the First Lady, Maud Guillaumin shows us real Jackie (played for screen by Natalie Portman in a movie directed by Pablo Lorrain), during these days which change her life. An ordeal whom discreet Jackie will be transformed forever.

Rights sold in Czech Republic (Bourdon S.A.)

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