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Published: 04.2017


Rule of Law Facing Terrorism

Since January 2015, France like the rest of Europe have been hit by terrorism. From now on, they’re facing the same challenge than United States after September-11th. Does it have to reinforce security in spite of freedoms? To detain the blacklisted ones? To set exceptional measures on to forestall new attacks?

Without always knowing nor admitting it, many of our political chiefs, democrat like republican, get inspired by “bushism”, a doctrine despised or neglected for long. Some others reject any war rhetoric, in order to not reproduce errors committed by Americans. However, the way the republican administration has made this “war against terrorism” is still mainly ignored. Meanwhile our countries are plunged into this new kind of war, American experience enlightens dramatic choices we’re facing.

Ghislain Benhessa depicts and analyses action of legal councils from Bush and Obama administrations who leave any ethic judgment out in the name of efficacy.

This book describes the stakes of this complex debate, where law and moral requirements face politics and war ones, with our security and our freedom for goals.

Includes a conversation with John Yoo, American riposte Strategist post-11th September

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