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Published: 09.2017


Speeches and Spikes

- A movie about my life? But I’m not dead!
- A dog, a cat, it’s a heart with hair all around.
- I’m not someone who pretends to be. I don’t compose. Never. When I have something to say, I’ll throw it.

In turn modest and provocative, Brigitte Bardot made her life a permanent bang. From her beginnings at the dawn of the 1950s to the present day, this book brings together, classified by keywords, spades and replicas, statements to the press, TV interviews, or film dialogues. In her short foreword, she returns to the place of honesty, of the outspoken in his life.

Love, friendship, old age, beauty, money, happiness, cinema, feminism, politics, medias, animal welfare… This book gathers more than one thousand quotes from Brigitte Bardot’s interviews, books, films and public or private speeches. They shape the self-portrait of an eternal “woman-child”.

“This anthology proceeds between emotions, irritations, revolts and innocence”.
Pleine Vie

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